Doug Frampton

Doug is a model from Edinburgh and is currently back in town after a successful few years in Bulgaria. He has presented for many European fashion houses and now works with young people. Doug works as modeling mentor for aspiring models all over Scotland. Because of this he is always very busy but Doug will find the time for interesting offers!

This experienced, 36-year old model will bring complete professionalism to any event or special occasion. Doug encourage’s a relaxed and fun atmosphere. He has a firm eye on detail but with a solid grasp of the day’s agenda. With Doug, you get all the tricks learnt from the catwalks of Eastern Europe and the savvy of being a lad from the streets of the suburbs. He will be willing to perform and pose exactly as directed. He might surprise you with a few moves of his own so remember to book with plenty of time to spare!

Doug is available for private bookings or as part of a photo-shoot team. He has an extensive wardrobe with many costumes from different genres. Doug has access to all the facilities and resources that our agency provides. He is very much a full member of the Artisan family.

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  • Doug Frampton - modeling mentor for aspiring models all over Scotland.

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  • Doug is a tutor from Edinburgh, graduate of Animation from Edinburgh College of Art and a modeling mentor for aspiring models all over Scotland. Bringing the experience of European catwalks to your event or special occasion, Doug can be booked from the Artisan Models website for any time over the next year, covering the North of the UK.

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  • A modeling mentor for aspiring models all over Scotland sitting on a wall.